The EMDR community is gathering at The Hague, next year  on June 17-19th for the 17° EMDR Europe Conference, offering workshops and symposiums where well known exponents of EMDR therapy will present today's most advanced researches and current clinical results in the field.

In this spirit, the Conference has adopted the motto  "A Sea of Possibilities" to recognize and describe not only the profound process of change and transformation patients experience in their lives through an EMDR therapy but also the different applications of EMDR therapy.

The scientific programme has been carefully selected, in order to allow participants to receive important clinical contributions, coming from  promising current research studies and astounding results achieved through EMDR. The presentations of the Scientific programme of the Conference will provide participants with clear and specific guidelines on intervention modalities with different populations. Participants will be able to explore different new applications of EMDR therapy for a variety of symptoms, disorders and mental issues, linked to stressful situations caused by severe life events and traumatic relational experiences.

The 2016 European Conference will contribute greatly at increasing the value and development of EMDR therapy within the field of mental health, strengthening expertise and networking, as well as sharing resources.  This is what we are expecting from a scientific Conference after all and this is what The Hague Conference is offering to EMDR clinicians....


Isabel Fernandez,

EMDR Europe President



WELCOME MESSAGE Association EMDR the Netherlands PRESIDENT

Dear Colleagues,

We warmly welcome you to the beautiful city of the Hague where the 17th EMDR Europe Conference will be held. The theme of the conference is:

" Sea of possibilities" ...The North Sea... offering wide views, and a moment to reflect on the many growing possibilities that EMDR offers us and our clients.

Europe faces complex issues concerning violent terrorist attacks and subsequent violation of human rights and law leading to collective and individual trauma's and fear. Many people from war torn countries are seeking safety from their unstable and often dangerous homeland. The Hague, is the renowned centre for International Peace and Justice. Within this current environment and political climate it is our responsibility as trauma therapists to maintain skilled to the highest level and updated on the most recent research in order to take our responsibility in order to assist when and where ever we can.

The conference offers an inspiring program against the back drop of a beautiful royal city right besides the sea. And it is the great variety of possibilities that makes The Hague unique as a city in the Netherlands: a city of international peace and justice, of royalty and government, arts and leisure, beach and city.

But the sea offers us more possibilities, namely to join us in a fantastic beach party, dance, relax and enjoy the connections. You will no doubt add this experience to your positive resource memories! Do join us and let's make a difference in this turbulent world.

You will not be disappointed!

Carlijn de Roos
 President, Association EMDR the Netherlands


The big count down to June 2016 has started!

We would like to warmly welcome you to The Hague from the 17th - 19th of June 2016 so you can experience the Sea of Possibilities: new applications in EMDR, meeting old and new friends, discovering the latest dance moves and last but not least, exploring the beautiful Royal city which is one of the best kept secrets in the Netherlands!

The international exchange of the most up to date knowledge is vital to the further development of EMDR. Therefore, speaker or participant, your contribution, clinical application & discoveries in the field of trauma and EMDR is highly valued during the conference!

We have managed to put together a wonderful programme with excellent Keynote Speakers and workshops which will, as always, be of a high standard. The setting of the conference is a renowned International Conference Centre, near the beach where on the Saturday night we will - of course - host an unforgettable beach party. 

Sea you in 2016!

Dutch Conference Committee VEN


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The Kurhaus, Scheveningen
World Forum Conference centre
Het Vredespaleis (The Peace Palace)