Anabel González

Universitary Hospital of A Coruña
A Coruna,

Anabel Gonzalez, MD., PhD., works as a Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist in Public Mental Health System and Private Practice. She heads a Trauma and Dissociation Program that is part of the Severe Mental Disorders Unit in the University Hospital of A Coruña, Spain. She has broad clinical experience with Dissociative Disorders and Psychotic Disorders. Trained in different psychotherapeutic approaches she is an EMDR Therapist and Supervisor. She gives regular complementary training with the Spanish EMDR Association, and has presented several workshops and courses about EMDR interventions in dissociative disorders, personality disorders and psychosis. She is a board member of the ESTD and Vice-President of the Spanish EMDR Association. She is the author of several articles, presentations, and books about EMDR, complex trauma and dissociation.