Gabriella Giovannozzi

Istituto di psicotraumatologia e psicodinamica di Firenze

Psychologist, psychotherapist, EMDR Consultant. She works in Florence, at the Instituto di Psicotraumatologia e Psicodinamica (once Centro di Psicologia Analitica di Firenze). Originally starting from the psychodinamic model she has been trained in different psychotherapeutic approaches and is, at present, interested in applying the latest psychophisiological research results to EMDR. She has an expertise in Complex Trauma, Personality Disorders and Dissociative Disorders. She is author of articles and presentations. She is the co-editor of the Italian edition of Coping with trauma-related dissociation. Skills training for patients and their therapists by S. Boon, K. Steele and O. van der Hart.