David van den Berg, MSc.

Parnassia Psychiatric Institute
Den Haag


David van den Berg (1980) is a Clinical Psychologist (BIG 79912388725) at Parnassia Psychiatric Institute The Hague, Netherlands. He is specialized in CBT for psychosis, PTSD, complex anxiety disorders and Ultra High Risk for psychosis.

He is conducting a PhD study at the VU University into the feasibility and safety of EMDR and Prolonged Exposure in patients with psychotic disorders and chronic PTSD (www.ttip.nl). He is a member of the Dutch Association for Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy and the Dutch Association for EMDR. David leads several innovative projects in which he collaborates with industrial design engineers and philosophers, e.g. temstem, a smartphone app for voice hearers (www.temstem.nl), or a project aimed at redesigning the Dutch mental health system (www.redesigningpsychiatry.org).