Marco Pagani, MD PhD

Senior Researcher

Institute of cognitive sciences and technologies, CNR

Marco Pagani [Medical Doctor, 1985; PhD in Brain Neurophysiology and Nuclear Medicine Methodology, 2000, at Karolinska Institute of Stockholm] is a Senior Researcher at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies of the Italian National Research Council (ISTC-CNR) and is Senior Advisor of the European Neuroimaging Committee of EANM. His work focuses on the physiopathology of brain perfusion, metabolism, electrical activity and anatomy, applied to neurodegenerative, neurological and psychiatric disorders. He tutored PhD students investigating depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and autism and has acquired deep knowledge in neuropsychological and neuropsychiatric investigations. In this fields he has published in Peer Reviewed Journals more than 100 full papers (mean IF > 4.36), 18 of which dealt with EMDR and PTSD related investigations, has presented more than 120 communications at international Conferences (30 about EMDR and PTSD related investigations) and has given more than 30 Keynotes and Plenary Lectures at International Conferences (20 focussed on EMDR and PTSD). He has been awarded with two Prizes (one National and one European) for studies on Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and EMDR.