Esther Bar Sadeh

Esther Bar Sadeh is a senior educational psychologist and supervisor, specializing in treating children and adolescents effected by trauma. She served as the head of the Educational Psychologist Service in Nazareth Elite and was the founder of the "Child Sexual Abuse Unit", in that city. She also works with the Israeli-American Joint Distribution Fund and the Ministry of Education developing the knowledge and skills of psychotherapists who work with high risk children and youth. As a trauma specialist she serves as a consultant for a number of municipalities in Israel, supervising therapists who treat trauma and acting as advisor to teams, treating at risk children and adolescents. Esther is also a member of the Faculty of "Children at Risk", at Oranim College.

She began her training in EMDR under Francine Shapiro, continued her training as a facilitator and trainer in the European organization with Bob Tinker and Sandra Wilson. Esther is an Accredited Child Trainer, training EMDR child therapists in Israel and internationally. Esther is a member of EMDR- European Child Section. Esther's s recent published work, dealing with EMDR and trauma, includes:

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