Carlijn de Roos, MD

GGZ Rivierduinen, Leiden
Psychotraumacentrum GGZ Kinderen en Jeugd

Vereniging EMDR Nederland (VEN)
Board (chair)

Carlijn de Roos, MSc, is a licensed Clinical Psychologist/Psychotherapist and currently working at the Trauma Center for Children and Adolescents, MHI Rivierduinen in Leiden, the Netherlands. She is the coordinator of the Sexual Assault Center Zuid-Holland and is specialised in the treatment of infants, children, adolescents and adults with trauma-related and somatoform disorders. She conducted and participated in several RCT's to investigate the efficacy and efficiency of EMDR and CBT for traumatized patients and has published on these topics. Furthermore, she is an EMDR Europe approved child and adolescent trainer and chair of the Dutch EMDR Association.