Zout Fotografie

Welcome to the World as seen by Zout.

As a visual storyteller I believe that every adventure in life is an emotional and beautiful story that needs to be told. I view the world differently and take inspiration not from the most obvious sources. This is the way that I approach every project, from (Alpine) Sport to Weddings, from Travel Documentary to Business Photography.

I aim to be different. My style of photography does not follow a formula and the stories I tell visually reflect this. I’m able to visualize from different perspectives and let the day unfold itself and determine what story needs to be told. My approach to photography is to capture the emotion of the day through honest and unique images. I have no fear getting right into the mix and getting those personal, unique moments shared between loved ones.

My background in adventure sports combined with a creative background and my passion for photography enable me to create inspiring images and be at places others cannot reach. I like to push myself to the edge, sometimes literally, but always with my camera close to hand and eye. It is this combination of my artistic and my candid moments that separate me from the other photographers. 

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