Poster presentations

Posters will be presented at the 1st floor during lunchtime (12.30 - 14.00 h) on saturday 18 and sunday 19 June, and at the afternoon coffee break (16.00 - 16.30 h) on saturday 18 June.


Paolo Bailo, Claudia Rampi & Giada Maslovaric, Italy

Emergency intervention for sudden mourning in a high school of North Italy

Marzena Oledzka, Poland

EMDR based treatment of pain in patients with paraplegia. A case study

Maurice van Buuren, The Netherlands

The EMD-app: a digital device developed to increase the efficiency of EMDR therapy for PTSD

Eugénie Zara – Jouillat, France

EMDR: from Technique to Psychotherapy – Integrating EMDR psychotherapy with other therapeutic paradigms

Mab Attari-Fricker, France

A new Protocol using multiple bilateral autostimulation to trigger rapid changes and unblock treatment in EMDR Therapy; “The Targeted EMDR Walk”

Tatiana Spolador, Italy

Psychogenic constipation in children and intergenerational trauma: from psychic trauma to somatization in children

Sylvie Prager-Séchaud, France

Birth memories, uproot the archaic fears lived during the birth

Maria Zampieri, Brasil

Bilateral brain stimulation in trauma therapy: a randomized clinical trial

Innocenza Miele, Switzerland

EMDR Intervention program in combating lives of premature babies

Jenny Ann Rydberg, France

Targeting states, not memories: using EMDR as a phase 1 stabilisation and symptom reduction technique

Zoï Kapoula & Martin Teboul, France

Use of technology by EMDR Europe practitioners in France

Nathalie Steffens, France

Language is the Cement of Psychotherapy

Tuija Turunen, Finland

Students' experiences of EMDR as a part of their treatment after being exposed to a school shooting

Elena Isola, Italy

EMDR as an enhancer of couple therapy

Elena Isola, Italy

The treatment of painful penetration through EMDR