Early interventions continued - R-TEP protocol adaptation to hours from the event

Yoni Elkins, Tuly Flint

Chair(s): Janne Ekeberg Amundsen

Sunday 19 june 2016

14:00 - 15:00h at Everest

Categories: Early intervention

This workshop will present an adaptation of the R-TEP protocol to fit the Acute Stress Reaction stage, which was used on patients suffering from extreme stress reaction, only hours from the traumatic event, allowing for SUDS to drop down drastically (more than expected in extremely early interventions). The protocol uses Narrative therapy tools and targets long-lasting traumatic episodes that occurred only hours prior (such as military engagement, natural disasters, abduction, etc.), as well as recent single events.

It allows patient to reach chronological understanding of the series of events leading to current point in time (using BLS), and includes a method of quickly finding all potential points of distress and processing them. This replaces the 'google search' used in the R-TEP protocol (the reason for needing to do so in the ASR stage will be explained too).


Learning objectives

This workshop will:

1. Help develop a better understanding about the Acute Stress Reaction symptoms.

2. Help understand reasons why early intervention is crucial.

3. Give you a very useful way of implementing the R-TEP protocol to the ASR stage.