EMDR for stuck cases. How to use EMDR safely even then

Helene Dellucci

Chair(s): Hellen Hornsveld

Sunday 19 june 2016

14:00 - 15:00h at Mississippi

Categories: Severe mental disorders

Working with clients suffering from complex trauma and dissociation needs a well skilled therapist, who is able to adapt sufficiently in order to build up a good therapeutic relationship, being creative by finding a successful strategy to select the right targets, and being rigourous while carrying out the EMDR protocol. In this pathway, countertransference and relationship issues with those apparently difficult clients are frequent. They tend to impair the EMDR process, and catch the therapist to the limits of his window of tolerance, with feelings of helplessness, anger, heaviness, the belief or the observation that whatever he does will not work, which can lead him to think that this client doesn't want to be helped, even though he shows big suffering, in short: getting stuck. Supervision shows, when EMDR strategies are discussed, that often these therapists know well what to do and how, as they give very adequate and good advice to their co-supervisees. Nevertheless, the feeling of being stuck with their client remains. Are there specific ways to focus on the therapeutic relationship? Could EMDR be useful even there? Can this be carried out easily or does this need the therapist to start his own therapy? These questions will be answered. We will present a strategy using EMDR which allows therapists to reprocess their implicit networks which links them and their clients when it comes to feelings of being stuck, as well as cases and the changes occuring after this procedure.


Learning objectives

  1. being able to differenciate strategic EMDR issues from relationship issues
  2. differenciate about constructive and non-constructive relationships

  3. finding ways to keep good working conditions for the therapist and the client
  4. knowing the letters protocol (Dellucci, 2009; in press) 

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