EMDR & voice-hearing: a new innovative protocol for target selection

Tineke van der Linden, David van den Berg

Sunday 19 june 2016

11:45 - 12:45h at Yangtze 2

Categories: Psychotic disorders

Parallel session: Severe mental disorders and psychosis

In this workshop, we will present a protocol for target selection for EMDR for voice-hearing. An earlier version of the protocol has been used in research on EMDR for auditory verbal hallucinations, and it has been renewed and updated based on the outcomes. Specific theoretical aspects about voice- hearing will be explained, as well as a short explanation about why EMDR might be helpful. After this, the protocol is presented, combined with case material*. Tips and tricks based on the research up until now will also be explained. Participants will get a chance to work with the protocol and practice in role play.

Learning objectives

After attending this workshop, participants will have become acquinted with the basics of the protocol for target selection in auditory verbal hallucinations. Depending on their knowledge on psychosis, CBT and EMDR, they will be able to start working with the protocol with their own clients.