Processing in the Fast Lane: Dealing with intense emotional reactions

Roger Solomon, Ad de Jongh, Derek Farrell

Chair(s): Dolores Mosquera

Sunday 19 june 2016

10:45 - 12:45h at Amazon

Categories: Techniques

Processing in the Fast Lane - Helping a client through intense emotional experiences during EMDR therapy

EMDR therapy can be very intense. Despite a clinician's best efforts, a client may suddenly abreact. This workshop will focus on what to do to facilitate a client through emotionally intense abreactions. There are many ways the EMDR clinician can control the pace of processing through pacing, speed, timing, clinician interaction and nurturing, and type of bilateral stimulation (i.e., dual awareness or working memory taxation).

This workshops will discuss the choice points involved, such as:

● When to go back to target, 

● When to interweave,

● When to stay out of the way,

● When to slow things down

● When to speed up

These issues will be discussed in the light of the existing research on the treatment of what is termed 'Complex PTSD'. Video segments of sessions, lecture, and case discussion will further support and illustrate the teaching points of the three presenters. The participant in this workshop should be aware that emotionally intense video material may be shown.


Learning objectives

1) Participants will learn theoretically what is happening when a client is expoeriencing intense reactions.

2) Participants will learn about client readiness for processing traumatic material.

3) Participants will learn stretegies and techniques to help the cient navigate through intense material.