EMDR and addiction: preliminary results of a randomised clinical trial (RCT) in patients with alcohol dependancy (N> 100)

Wiebren Markus, Hellen Hornsveld

Sunday 19 june 2016

10:45 - 11:15h at Kilimanjaro

Categories: Addiction, Research

Parallel session: Research track: Addiction, Depression and Neurobiology

We will present the first data of a large Randomized Clinical Trial (N >100) on EMDR and addiction conducted in six Dutch outpatient addiction care centres. Patients were outpatient alcohol dependent patients without PTSD. Participants were randomly assigned to either treatment as usual (TAU) or TAU plus 7 EMDR therapy sessions (each 90 min.). EMDR therapists were trained and supervised in the Dutch EMDR and Addiction Protocol (Hornsveld & Markus, 2014)*.
Data were collected per participant over a period of 8 months: pre- and posttreatment, and follow-up after 1 and 6 months. Assessment included biomarkers (bloodsamples), implicit attention tasks as well as participant-report questionnaires. The study protocol has been published elsewhere (Markus, De Weert-Van Oene, Becker, & DeJong, 2015).

* Clinical features of the Dutch EMDR and Addiction Protocol will be presented on saturday morning 11.00 a.m. at this conference.

Learning objectives

• To learn more about scientific evidence of EMDR in the treatment of addiction disorders. • An overview of feasibility issues such as acceptability and safety.
• An overview of subjective and objective outcome measures regarding efficacy.
• Future directions in research on EMDR and addiction. 

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