Demanualizing EMDR thanks to standard variations

Jenny Ann Rydberg

Chair(s): Emre Konuk

Saturday 18 june 2016

16:30 - 17:30h at Yangtze 1

Categories: Techniques

The presentation will interest researchers and clinicians alike, in that it challenges the current tendency to develop specific protocols for each diagnosis, context, and population. While demonstrating EMDR's effectiveness and efficacy in the treatment of a large number of mental health issues is a widely shared priority, does the ever-growing number of new protocols really serve that purpose? What is research measuring and what are the core elements of EMDR? Using the concept of "standard variations", the presenter will first discuss the relevance of a wide range of modifications made to the standard procedures and protocols to justify the existence of "special EMDR protocols", then propose specific and detailed guidelines on when and why to consider applying each of these standard variations, both for clinical practice and as an object of research.


Learning objectives

Participants will learn to:

1. Critically consider the need and relevance of specific or special protocols.

2. Identify the original elements of a special protocol and analyse their rationale and usefulness

3. Implement the concept of standard variations to a variety of cases (diagnoses, contexts, populations) while remaining within the framework of the original EMDR standard principles, procedures and protocols.

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  • plattegrond Yangtze 1