The memory reconsolidation paradigm in the EMDR-work with children

Thomas Hensel

Chair(s): Joanne Morris Smith

Saturday 18 june 2016

16:30 - 17:30h at World Forum Theater

Categories: Children and adolescents

In 2007 Francine Shapiro stated „memory reconsolidation is the primary mechanism (neurobiological process) underlying EMDR`s effects.“. This line of thought has not been followed, even though the reconsolidation paradigm allows to differentiate theoretically between EMDR and other approaches which are based on the distinction model. In this workshop we will discuss the actual research and its implication for clinical EMDR practicse particularly for the work with (young) children. Video sequences for different ages will be shown.

Learning objectives

1. Illustrate the neurobiological process of reconsolidation of memory and its connection to the AIP model

2. Create a framework to transfer memory reconsolidation research into EMDR practice

3. Demonstrate the clinical implications of the memory reconsolidation paradigm for the EMDR work with children of different ages (via video). 

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