Emotion dysregulation in psychoform and somatoform dissociation: from neurobiology to clinical interventions with EMDR

Anabel González

Chair(s): Ludwig Cornil

Saturday 18 june 2016

16:30 - 17:30h at Mississippi

Categories: Dissociation, Dissociative disorders, Somatics

Both psychoform and somatoform dissociation has been related to early, severe, and chronic traumatization. Somatoform dissociation includes, but it is not limited to conversive disorders. Hyper and hypo-arousal, under and over-controlling strategies in emotion regulation have been described in trauma-related disorders. Different neurobiologic correlates underlying these problems and the recent research in emotion regulation may offer relevant information for a comprehensive decission-making in EMDR therapy of these patients.

Learning objectives

  1. Learn to explore psychoform and somatoform dissociation, including these data in a comprehensive therapeutic plan
  2. Link results from neurobiologic research to clinical situations
  3. Understand different pathways from early traumatizing and adverse experiences to psychoform and somatoform dissociation
  4. Consider concepts of under/over arousal, and controlling emotion regulation strategies in the EMDR case conceptualization and the therapeutic plan.


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