Enhancing your skills as an EMDR supervisor

Robin Logie

Chair(s): Joany Spierings

Saturday 18 june 2016

14:00 - 16:00h at Everest

Categories: Supervision

This workshop is suitable for EMDR Consultant/Supervisors or those who are working towards becoming a Consultant and already providing EMDR supervision.

The workshop will link theories about clinical supervision with the specific roles of an EMDR supervisor in a hands-on practical workshop. After an introduction to theories of supervision, issues specific to group supervision will be discussed and participants will learn about varied ways of using the group to enhance the effectiveness of the supervision experience. Robin Logie's EMDR informed Group Supervision Protocol will then be demonstrated.

We will finish by looking at be looking at managing ‘difficult’ supervisees.

Bring your own cases to present because, as well as learning about supervision, you will have the chance to consult with some of the most experienced EMDR practitioners in Europe - each other!

Learning objectives

Participants will:

  • understand which mode and function of supervision is in operation at any one time in order to enhance their understanding of what is occurring in supervision
  • understand more about the dynamics of groups in relation to supervision and learn how to get the best from their groups
  • learn strategies for how to respond in a constructive way to ‘difficult’ supervisees 

More information

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  • plattegrond Everest