Consistence and integrability of the AIP model and the Polovagal Theory: clinical applications

Gabriella Giovannozzi

Saturday 18 june 2016

14:00 - 15:00h at Amazon

Categories: Neurobiology, Techniques

Parallel session: Porges’ polyvagal theory

From an AIP perspective, our brain is a psychobiological system geared to find an adaptive response to environmental challenges. The ANS, which, according to Porges Polyvagal Theory, adaptively regulates our defence strategies, is part of this system. As it has an essential role in determining the impact of a traumatic event on the brain, the observation of its functioning during and in the aftermath of the traumatic experience provides EMDR therapists with useful physiological information to guide their clients in the difficult task of confronting all the traumatic remains, particularly the somatic ones, often the most important and most difficult to involve in the processing.

We will describe elements of the Polyvagal Theory and we'll show how the ANS functioning is consistent with this model and indications for the application of the Polyvagal Theory to EMDR will be provided.