EMDR in the treatment of chronically ill children

Daniela Lempertz

Saturday 18 june 2016

15:30 - 16:00h at Yangtze 1

Categories: Body, Children and adolescents, Medical problems, Somatics

Parallel session: Children track - Trauma and the Body

Acute somatic illnesses can be very distressing and threatening for children. However, what are the consequences of chronic diseases? What kind of burden and challenges do these children have to face? How can EMDR support the process of coping?

The workshop will show how EMDR helps the children with chronic diseases to cope in a better way. The presentation focusses on the special aspects, which are relevant for the treatment plan:

• the diagnosis of a chronic disease,

• traumatic effects of necessary therapeutic treatments like injections, special diet, etc.,

• the consequences of living with a chronic disease

The aim is creating a new stability for the daily life and providing support for their physical and personal development.

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