Understanding idealization and maladaptive positive emotion from the AIP Model in the treatment of Intimate Partner Violence with EMDR Therapy

Dolores Mosquera

Chair(s): Marzena Oledzka

Saturday 18 june 2016

14:00 - 16:00h at World Forum Theater

Categories: Agression, Violence, Partner violence, Couples

Victims of prolonged Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) often have had little experience in safe, healthy relationships. Many idealize or fixate on "positive moments" and minimize persistent threats and episodic violence. Some have learned to associate control and jealousy with love: "My partner does that because he/she loves me so much." Many victims feel guilty when their partner is imprisoned and forget quickly about the risks. They frequently drop charges and go back to their abusive relationships. In this way, idealization and maladaptive positive emotion are serious, potentially life threatening issues in IPV that can be understood from the AIP model.

The concept of dysfunctionally stored information (DSI) described in the AIP model can be viewed as being broader in nature than memories for adverse experiences and can include dysfunctional defenses such as maladaptive positive emotion. When dealing with IPV, idealized memories of "best moments" can be more challenging to resolve than specific traumatic experiences, such as in cases where the victim is unable to realize the danger of the situation and clings to a few idealized positive moments.

Identifying and understanding these aspects as dysfunctionally stored information can broaden the scope of possible targets. This can be essential in the case conceptualization of complex trauma cases.

Strategies for selecting targets and alternative EMDR therapy procedures will be illustrated through videos of case examples.


Learning objectives

1. Participants will learn to understand how maladaptive positive emotion can interfere in memory reprocessing.

2. Participants will learn to think from a broad conceptualization of the "information" that is dysfunctionally stored.

3. Participants will learn procedures and strategies for the treatment of Intimate Partner violence victims.

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