Researchtrack - EMDR & psychosis: above and beyond - latest research and developments

Tineke van der Linden, David van den Berg, Paul de Bont, Suzy Matthijssen, Carlos Croes

Chair(s): Antonio Onofri

Saturday 18 june 2016

11:00 - 12:30h at Kilimanjaro

Categories: Research, Psychotic disorders

In this symposium, the focus is completely on EMDR and psychosis. We will present the latest data from several unique research projects. These do not only pertain PTSD treatment, but also EMDR for voice-hearing, EMDR on imagery, findings about underlying working mechanisms and data on sense-specific EMDR.


David vanden Berg: Safety and predictors of outcome in trauma-focused treatment in psychosis

Berber van der Vleugel: Findings on working mechanisms of EMDR in the Treating Trauma in Psychosis study (TTIP)

Paul de Bont: cost effectivenes of PTSD treatment in patients with psychotic disorders.

Suzy Matthijssen: EMDR on auditive hallucinations and auditive intrusions. Preliminary results of a patient study.

Carlos Croes: EMDR on imagery in psychosis: Results of a pilot study on the effect of EMDR for psychotic symptoms and further findings on working mechanisms in psychosis

Tineke van der Linden: Efficacy of EMDR for auditory verbal hallucinations: results of a multiple baseline design in schizophrenic patients


Learning objectives

After attending this symposium, visitors will be up-to-date on the newest, still unpublished research in the field of EMDR and psychosis. They will be aware of implications for clinical practice and probably have new ideas for treatment of clients with and without psychosis.