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To download abstracts:

1. Go to 'program' on this website

2. select the presentation of your choice

3. if a handout is available, you can see a button 'documents'

4. click on the button 'documents'

5. then click on 'download'




All presentations have been subjected to peer-review by members of the EMDR Europe Conference Scientific Committee.

In case of any problem, please contact congres2016@emdr.nl


Information for presenters

For your oral presentation at the EMDR Europe conference in the Hague you need to present with a Powerpoint Presentation that can be used on a Windows computer. Please bring a memory stick with you with your presentation on it. If you use movie clips please use a format that Windows Mediaplayer can play (.avi or .mpg file). Please make sure that you know how to attach a movie to or into your Powerpoint presentation. For some very simple and straightforward tips for your presentation please click here.

For your poster presentation you will be able to set up your poster on Saturday morning from 8 am. Posters will be exhibited for the duration of the Conference. Your presence at your poster board is requested between 12.30-14.00 hrs on Saturday and Sunday and between 16.00-16.30 hrs on Saturday.

Each poster will be allocated a poster board with a size of about 120 by 150 centimeter. It is on this board that the poster should be displayed. Normally posters have the size of 90 by 120 centimeter (A0 format). We ask you to stay within these dimensions.

At the end of the Sunday session, display materials and all other materials must be taken down and removed from the area. If they are still on your board after this time, we do reserve the right to remove and dispose of the poster. EMDR Europe can take no responsibility for any loss or damage to your poster. Putting up your poster is taken as acceptance of these conditions.

Some basic rules regarding your poster presentation

- The basic rule is to provide a short, clear, non-technical description of what you did, why you did it, and what you found. Generally, you should not go into detail regarding subjects, apparatus, or details of procedure. Thus, a poster is not just a regular paper in large type stuck on a board. It is a discussion-oriented format. The poster should communicate the issue and conclusion. The discussion in person with conference delegates should fill in the details.

- All materials you wish to display should be related to your presentation and the materials described in the abstract you submitted to the EMDR Europe Conference Scientific Committee.

- As a general rule, it is recommended that the title be in 3 cm print or larger. The authors and the affiliations can be done in 1.5 cm print. It is not a good idea to include any display materials done in regular size type e.g. 12 point. Instead, you may wish to include an abstract typed in a large, clear type and several large, clearly labeled graphs and other visual aids.

- Figures that take up a regular page are probably adequately large, but even larger materials would be desirable. If tables are included, they should probably be larger than a standard sheet of paper. Pictures, diagrams, and other materials of adequate size are often helpful. A useful rule here is that your material should be easily read from a distance of 1 to 2 meters.

- The poster should be as neat and visually pleasing as possible. Hand lettering of materials is generally not satisfactory. The creative use of colors in lettering background and figures can add considerably to poster appeal.

- Many presenters may wish to provide handouts about their project. These may include an abstract of the paper or perhaps a copy of the complete paper itself. Other authors prefer to send reprints of their paper by email after the conference is over and provide "reprint-request" sheets.

If you want your handout to be available on the website, please send it as a pdf-file to congres2016@emdr.nl before the 1st of June 2016.


I wish you a very pleasant preparation and presentation of your poster. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Best regards,

prof. dr. Ad de Jongh, chair of the Conference Scientific Committee




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